Why You must visit Rajasthan during Monsoon?


Rajasthan experience a sigh of pleasure when the first drop of rain land on the scorching earth. The big wall of the forts and palaces welcomes the drop of rains, as do the dried riverbeds waiting helplessly for this occurrence. Landscape, nature along with Rajasthani people welcomes this season in unison.

Naturally, Rajasthan is one of the best places to visit during Monsoon. During Monsoon entire state wear a refreshing look clothes, also the ambient weather makes for some spectacular sightseeing. Close your eye and think of Rajasthan after reading this blog, because this blog brings you the best Monsoon destinations for the trip to Rajasthan.


Reasons behind to explore Rajasthan during Monsoon:


Beat the Crowds


Many travelers feel Monsoon is not the obvious choice of season to travel. If you prefer the luxury of privacy in an extremely popular destination, this is the right time to go there. For Rajasthan, it is the time when it rains.


Interact with the locals


During Monsoon in Rajasthan local Rajasthan people celebrate this season with the great gusto and enthusiasm. If you are lucky, you might be invited to join the celebrations and interact with the locals. It’s an opportunity for you to observe the cultural lifestyle of the Rajasthani people closely.


Big Discounts during Monsoon


Your trip to Rajasthan is unsatisfied with a stay in one of the luxury hotel made out of the Havelis and Palaces of yester years. However, during the Monsoon season, heritage hotels offer huge discounts for tourists staying with them. So grab this opportunity, and book a Rajasthan Tour Package with us and get reasonable discounts.






First of all we discuss about capital city of Rajasthan i.e. “Jaipur”. The largest city of Rajasthan and India’s first planned city. The city was established in 1727 by Raja Jai Singh II is an epitome of magnificence and vibrancy. Jaipur city present itself as a versatile tourist destination. In Jaipur the arrival of monsoon is celebrated with a festival named Teej festival every year during July/August. It marks the advent of monsoon and is celebrated by the married women of Rajasthan. The Teej festival is incomplete without the henna decorated hands, swinging on Jhulas fixed to branches of large trees and singing the special Teej song. If you engaged yourself in Teej festival, you might be treated as an amazing spectacle in the form of a procession which features an idol of “Teej Mata” (Goddess Parvati).


Below some Rajasthan Tour Package provide itineraries for Jaipur Visit


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There are many names through which one can describe “Udaipur”. Either someone say “City of lakes” or “Venice of the east” or “the Kashmir of Rajasthan”. One of the best places to visit in Udaipur, Rajasthan is, the “Monsoon Palace“, also known as the “Sajjan Garh Palace”. The Monsoon palace was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh of the Mewar Dynasty in 1884. The Sajjan Garh Palace due to perched on top of the Aravalli hills provides panoramic views of Udaipur City. Apart from that, one should visit the City Palace and Taj Lake Palace. All the lakes in Udaipur become special attractions during the season of Monsoon.


Below some Rajasthan Tour Package provide itineraries for Udaipur Visit


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Mount Abu:




Located near the sirohi district, Mount Abu is the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan. The Mount Abu hill station is marked by an ambient climate throughout the year. However during Monsoon, one can experience the beauty of Mount Abu region in the full light. Monsoon time is suitable to get engaged in adventurous activities like nature walk, bird watching, or simply taking a stroll. Dilwala Jain temple is another popular destination near Mount Abu. It is 2.5 kilometers from Mount Abu were built between the 11th and 13th century. Another most visited place near Mount Abu is Nakki Lake


Below some Rajasthan Tour Package provide itineraries for Mount Abu Visit


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The number of things one can enjoy in Pushkar city is its magnificent lakes, green scenery and the magnificent opportunities it offers for desert camping. It is one of the most visited destinations in Rajasthan during Monsoon season. Pushkar is one of the oldest existing cities of India. It lies in the Shore of Pushkar Lake. The best thing about Pushkar is this one can enjoy the melodious sounds of Peacock in early morning; taking an early morning camel ride or one can enjoy a paying trip to the market bustling with activity. Monsoon is the best way to explore Pushkar because this is the perfect time to enjoy Rajasthani dishes while listening to the lively folk songs.


Below some Rajasthan Tour Package provide itineraries for Pushkar Visit


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One of the interesting facts about Bundi is that it is known for receiving the highest amount of rainfall in all of Rajasthan state. Bundi is another best destination to explore in Rajasthan during Monsoon season. The “Taragarh fort” is a popular tourist viewpoint of the city below. When in Bundi, one should visit the “Bundi Palace” which is situated on the hillside adjacent to the Taragarh fort. Bundi Palace is notable for its lavish traditional murals and frescoes. The picture gallery of the palace is open for the general public. “Rani ki Baori” is one of the largest stepwells of Bundi. It was built in 1699 by Rani Nathavatji and it is 46m in deep.


Below some Rajasthan Tour Package provide itineraries for Bundi Visit


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