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Every city in Rajasthan makes a tourist want to camp for at least three days, and explore its forts, Havelis, lakes, shopping districts and nearby getaways in luxury. The cities of Rajasthan attracts tourist to make schedule of at least three to four days to be spend in Rajasthan. Tourists want to do camping for at least a week to explore forts, Palaces, Havelis, lakes, shopping district and nearby getaways in Rajasthan. Whether you are an office person or a business man, if you have got a week off from office, and you really want to explore every part of state, the best part is that you can explore it in a single, exhausting but delightful, week. So let me explain how you can visit complete cities of Rajasthan in a single week. So pack your bags and run.


Day1: Jaipur




Arrive at Pink city of Rajasthan i.e. Jaipur. There is lot to see in Jaipur. Why it is called Pink City because the Jaipur city of Rajasthan were painted pink to welcome Prince Albert in 1876. It is good to reach the capital as early as possible because most tourist attractions close their gates by early evening. The one thing you can find at Rajasthan airport is that it is very spacious and well ventilated airport has the soothing atmosphere of a resort, and the soft, Hindustani classical music playing on the speakers is a welcome change from the hoarse yells and frequent announcements of busier airports. The Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar and Govinddevji Ka Mandir are the some key monuments of city which is located near to Rajasthan Airport is an amazing fortunate for Tourists


The façade of Hawa Mahal is so imposing and spacious is used on the cover of most tour guides on Rajasthan. It is made of pink and red stone and decorated with quicklime. The stunning architecture of the interiors unfolds over five levels. The first storey, where autumn celebrations were held is the Sharad Mandir. Right above the first storey there is an exquisite Ratan Mandir, with beautiful stained glasswork on its walls. On the third storey, king used to worship Lord Krishna is called Vichitra Mandir. As climb to the fourth storey – there is a Prakash Mandir – your clothes begin to flap about in the wind. Hawa mahal has open terraces on both sides; this level offers great views of the city below. On the Top storey there is a Hawa Mandir. You may want to cling on to the walls for support, as the height and breeze can have a rather vertiginous effect. You may need to stick through walls for support, as the height and breeze can have a rather vertiginous effect. If you have desire to visit Govinddevji Mandir, keep an eye on the clock. The temple opens for about fifteen minutes for specific time throughout the day. It would be beneficial for you to make enquiries about the next Darshan before scheduling your trips to the other attractions nearby. The temple is several centuries old, and emanates an aura of peace.


Another more attractive place near Jaipur city is City Palace, part of which is occupied by Royal family. You are not permitted to do photography in most of its galleries, so unless you are into aerial vistas, you may want to submit your camera. High priced souveniers can be found at the museum shop as well as the Palace atelier. It is good to buy arts and handicrafts directly from their creators. The exhibition sale is held on palace which is a good place to buy articrafts. Before going to visit Amber fort which is 11 kilometers from city palace, you can head to Albert hall Museum and Doll Museum next, but check how much time you have left. The main attraction at the Albert hall museum is an Egyptian Mummy.


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Day2:  Pushkar, Ajmer and Jodhpur





After you have spent a night in Jaipur, you need to make an early start for Pushkar. The Pushkar is Rajasthan’s pilgrimage city which is less than 150 kilometers from Jaipur. But the roads are very bad in monsoon.  The Pushkar city is walled in on three sides by hills, and a sandy bank rides up to the fourh.


The legend says that the lake was created when a lotus fell from Brahma’s hand. If you want information about Pushkar temple, members of trust will speak to you within its premises, near bathing ghat. The trusty’s of Temple is usually refused to accept money, and ask tourist to donate instead at the hundi. It is said that and immense dip in the waters of the lake on Kartika Poornima is equivalent to undertaking penances for centuries. The temple itself is crowded at any time of day, on any day of the year. Smaller than one would expect, the temple has only two shrines – the main Brahma shrine, and an underground shrine for Shiva. There are lockers right before the steps to the temple, to deposit cameras and mobile phones, which are not allowed into the temple.




After doing worship from temple, the 12 kilometer journey to Ajmer will take you across the Nag Pahar, or the snake mountain of the Aravali Range, which winds around the beautiful lake. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind if you intend to visit the Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti dargah in Ajmer. Avoid dargah at namaaz time, unless you want to do namaaz. For safety your vehicle you have to park your car outside the gate of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti’s dargah which charges between Rs. 50 and Rs. 100 an hour. Make sure your children are around you because the sight of children crying in corners and frantic parents calling for their kids is a common one. You cannot take cameras inside but you can take phones. The ideal clothing for men inside dargah is kurtas, and for womens it is salwar kameez. Those who are feeling comfortable in shorts need to buy Lungis on rent. Heads should be covered, and men can either rent plastic skullcaps, or buy handkerchiefs.  Womens have to wrap their dupattas over heads.



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Day3: Sightseeing in Jodhpur, travel to Jaisalmer




The Mehrangarh fort is another fort in Jaipur which is very famous for its architecture, the views on offer, as well as its museum. Museum has a collection of palanquins, howdahs, weapons, paintings, and clothes. You’ll have to leave for Jaisalmer at least by 1:00 pm, if you intend to see the sunset. If you’ve sometimes remaining then, you may want to spend some at the government museum, which is best known for its collection of stuffed animals and desert birds. The Government museum also contains ancient teaching material, and an exhibition of handicrafts. Fortunately the roads of Jaisalmer are good one. The vehicle speed limit at this road is over 100 km an hour. If you want to catch the sunset over the sand dunes, now head straight to Khuri village. The resort is Jaisalmer offers a typical Rajasthani dinner and folk entertainment shows. The resorts also arranges camel safari into the desert. With good planning, you can spend the night at the desert, but since the next day will involve a long journey, you may want to spend the night on a soft bed in the comfort of a hotel room.


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