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Indian people are stern believers of religion and ancient practices. As a result, Hindu marriages in India include a number of rituals and customs like royal wedding, Rajasthan Wedding Tour,Udaipur Wedding and other royal family Wedding function. These are age old practices, which form the foundation of our society and are therefore followed by generation over generation, owing to deep faith.


India, the land of cultural diversities offers a life full of colors. The land is filled with the colors of various cultures spread across the land. The country has come up fast as the favored tourist destination among the travelers of the world. The beauty of the place is impeccable and dotted with probably most of the wonders of the nature. One can find the lofty mountains, misty skies along with the vastness of sea with the perennial and seasonal rivers to support them. The diversified cultures also form the colorful side of the land. The country is visited by thousands every year to witness the beauty but another colorful aspect of the state that attracts the travelers from across the globe is the great Indian weddings. Indian wedding forms attractive tour packages which are as exciting as the colors of the country. The Special Wedding Tour Packages are arranged to provide an insight into the lifestyle of the Indiana and the best of the weddings.

Indian Wedding Rituals

The Spirit of Indian Wedding!

India, treasure of best cultural heritage, is world over known for its fairs and festivals. Since ages, foreigners are influenced by Indian culture and traditions. That is the reason why they are attached towards our country & they love to visit again and again to India. Indian culture has so deep impact on the minds of the foreigners, that now a days people abroad are getting married according to Indian customs & traditions. If they are already married, they again perform their marriage with their spouse in an Indian style.Wedding is undoubtedly the most important event in one’s lifetime and is thus solemnized with utmost sanctity. Hindus believe that once married the couple is bound with each other for seven birth cycles. Such is the depth and intensity of their faith in the institution of marriage. This is attributed by the various rituals they observe.

Engagement Ceremony

Indian weddings are known for their elaborate ceremonies and opulent celebrations. Besides, they are held in a very traditional manner, commemorating numerous rituals as per the ancient Vedic era.

Tilak Ceremony

One of initial wedding ceremonies in India is the Tilak ceremony. It was initially held one month before the actual wedding day, but with changing times people have become quite flexible.

Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet ceremony as the name suggests is all about dance and music. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding and is exclusively for women.

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi is yet another traditional yet exciting pre wedding ceremony. In India, a lot of emphasis is given on customs and rituals. Indian people are ardent lovers of beauty and elegance.

Var Mala Ceremony

Var Mala ceremony is an important main wedding day ceremony. It is also known as Jaimala and basically involves exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom.

Mandap Ceremony

Mandap ceremony holds utmost importance on the day of the wedding. This is because all the significant rituals are performed during the mandap ceremony.

Vidai Ceremony

Practically everyone dreams of getting married someday to someone. After an individual attains maturity the wait for that perfect individual starts. Some people are lucky to be blessed by the feeling of love.

Reception Ceremony

Indian weddings have a charm of their own. As per the tradition the wedding is primarily organized by the bride’s family, however, the reception might be an exception.


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